Monday, April 18, 2022

22-17 Doors closing and doors opening

There is a common saying that when one door closes another opens, and I have found in my life that that does seem to be true.  The almost two years of Covid-lockdown did at times feel like a door firmly shut in my face, the obvious effect from a professional point of view being that I did not go on my twice-yearly visits to China or hold any seminars in this country.  The door, or doors, that opened have, however made up for this, if only partially, but in their own way quite dramatically.  For it gave me time to contemplate my life as a five element acupuncturist, and consider what, at my ripe old age, I still hoped to achieve, and this has led me, much to my surprise in quite new directions.


I have already blogged about my learning to teach in different ways (see my blog of 27 February 2022), through discovering the skill of learning to record myself on video.  In this way I used my new skill to record more than 100 short videos which continued my five element teaching for my Chinese students.  This new departure in my teaching life has now moved on a little more, and is spreading itself away from China into the English-speaking world, where some of these same videos will soon form part of an online five element teaching programme available outside China, as they could not be before.  The hands that opened that particular door for me are those of Gye Bennetts in Australia, who has taken from me all the load of setting up this online platform so that all I have to do now is some lightweight editing of what he is so ably putting together.


And another door has opened in relation to our seminar work in the UK.  Where Guy Caplan and I used together to organize our clinical seminars here in London, we have now become a trio.  With great joy we have welcomed Teresa Redding, one of my SOFEA graduates, to form part of our team.  She is proving incredibly efficient at taking on most of the administrative work from Guy's and my shoulders.


For anybody who has not yet received notification of our summer seminar on the Fire element on Monday 22 June, details can be downloaded from our website:, or by emailing Teresa at 


No doubt there are other doors still to be opened before I come to the end of my five element activities, and I await them with great anticipation.  Not least there will be the publication of the autobiography of my life as a five element acupuncturist, which my Chinese publisher is happy to publish both in an English and a Mandarin version, whenever I have completed it. 

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