Saturday, May 7, 2022

22-21 A Wood practitioner describes how she holds her hands

Catherine from France has sent me this welcome addition to my blog 22-19 of 3rd May: 

She describes the Wood element's way of sitting from a Wood person's perspective:

 "It is always with great pleasure that I read your blogs so I will answer your question about the sitting position of a Wood element, which I am definitely.


I tend to sit straight, sometimes with my feet on tip toes and when on public transport often I have to busy myself either with a book or phone.


My hands seem to find their position palm against palm in between my thighs or my hands are on my knees, but always in an erect position.


I have also noticed this erect position among my Wood patients. As if they are ready to get up to go on a mission and accomplish the tasks they have planned and organised."


Thank you so much, Catherine, for these very interesting insights from within the Wood element.



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