Tuesday, June 7, 2022

22 - 23 A Water practitioner describes how he holds his hands


Finally, here is a Water practitioner's very detailed comments about how he holds his hands and moves his body.  This rounds off the observations relating to all five elements.


Thank you, Pierre, for finding the time to send me your very interesting observations.


 "The more I am in distress or under stress the more I move my hands but I tend to hide that with patients: I do a lot of different things like touching my nails, or rubbing my hands in a slow movement.  I can identify that other parts of my body are moving too; I move my toes in my shoes, I can move my legs too (more when I'm standing up) and I change my sitting position regularly if I am not at ease and am finding it better to face somebody.  I very often move a part of my body I realize, like if I was uncomfortable within. That's always accompanied with a heart beating stronger and a little sensation of a global vibration in the body (adrenaline or cortisol?)". 


This is a very good description of the sense of movement and flow in all that Water does, but we must never forget that it can also freeze and become immobile if it feels under threat. 




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