Thursday, January 6, 2022

22-2 The miracle of clearing blocks

I have just received a lovely email from a five element acupuncturist, Sophie Barrowcliff, who lives far away In Malawi, and she writes:


"I have long been wondering about the role of acupuncture for post-Covid symptoms, and had a couple of interesting moments with patients that I would like to share with you.


The first was a young man of 34 who had medium-severe Covid, and never quite got fully back on his feet. I treated him some 2 months later and found CV-GV block on his pulses.


The treatment was dramatic (he still talks of it), and was instrumental in his turning a corner and getting back his energies and notably his clarity of mind.


The second was a lady of 50, previously without any illnesses or complaints, who took a Covid vaccination, and 3 days later collapsed with a sort of paralysis that rose from her feet to her midriff. It was diagnosed as 'transverse myelitis', possibly involving some auto-immune response.   All sorts of symptoms accompanied this. Slowly over 4 months she began to regain movement but was left with a lot of pain in the legs and discomfort in the abdomen. This is when she came to me, and again, her pulses suggested CV-GV block. After treatment and over the weeks she has improved in many ways - energy, incontinence, pain, joie de vivre etc.


The other post-Covid patients I have seen all seem to have a block somewhere, all respond well to treatment and are soon back to their old selves.  These few experiences make me wonder about 'long-Covid' that is so debilitating to so many people. I can't help but think that they might all have blocks, maybe CV-GV blocks, and that this is what stops them recovering. 


What do you think, and have you any experiences to share?"


I replied as follows:


"You did exactly what I’ve always said is essential in helping people recover from post-Covid symptoms.  Covid obviously causes all kinds of blocks, Entry/Exit, Husband/Wife (a fellow acupuncturist told me he has often found H/W), and of course CV/GV which is also often found.  So I think what you have been doing is exactly what is required."  


I have always thought that one of the most effective components of five element treatment is its diagnosis of the different energy blocks, and its ability to clear them so simply by means of just a few points.  I believe that if all we did was select an element's command points ,and diagnose and clear any blocks we find, we could transform most people's lives.  We wouldn't need to search around for complicated point combinations, which so many budding five element acupuncturists tend to do.  


There aren't many blocks:  the simple Entry/Exit blocks, including of course the major CV/GV block, Husband/Wife and Possession.  Not many points to learn, but how effective your treatment will be if you concentrate on clearing them.

And of course, we must never forget the wondrous effect of doing an AE drain, which may also be necessary when post-Covid symptoms persist.





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  1. Hi Nora! Thanks for the insight! I’ve never heard of a CV/GV pulse before. Could you share what that feels like? Thank you!