Tuesday, January 25, 2022

22-5 Another small insight into the Wood element

Yesterday a good friend of mine, who is interested in learning about the elements, and knows she is of the Wood element, said something which taught me something new about her element.  She said, "I am always future-orientated.  I want to know what went well, and what we could have done differently."  


Interestingly she definitely said, "we", not "I".  I think that's another slight indication of Wood's need to look at things in general terms, at what it thinks would be good for the world as a whole.  I (Fire), on the other hand, think differently, always concerned to check that I personally have done things right and not hurt other people.


I always love these tiny signposts to the elements which we all send out, indicating our particular element for anybody curious enough and astute enough to notice them. 

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