Saturday, January 1, 2022

22/1. Happy first blog of 2022

Two lovely emails have just arrived from two of my Chinese students, wishing me a Happy New Year.  Both express their love of practising five element acupuncture.  

The first writes:

"I still deeply love five element acupuncture.  Last year, I have many patients with depression.  The treatment course seems to be very long, but recently I have received feedback from the patients that they are getting better.  I am very happy and have more motivation to move on.


Four of today's patients are teenagers.  Their problems are related to their families.  I hope to help them get better."


The second writes:

"I am studying your online course these days, which is helpful in my treatment.  Actually I feel more and more confident in the treatment during the year 2021, since I always found obvious effects through very simple treatment.  Five element acupuncture is amazing.  The more I practise, the more incredible cases I observe."


It is so rewarding for me to receive confirmation that my Chinese students are now unquestioningly addressing that area of their patients' lives which relate to deeper, emotional problems.  When I first arrived in China, my students were very reluctant to engage in this area with their patients, believing that acupuncture was only there to address physical problems.  Now they take for granted that five element acupuncture can help all levels of the human being, the body, the mind and the spirit.  I feel that this is my greatest achievement since arriving in China 10 years ago.

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