Friday, January 14, 2022

22-4 Clearing a CV/GV block to treat alopecia

This is a postscript to my blog of 6 Jan:  The miracle of clearing blocks


A practitioner has asked whether any five element acupuncturist has experience of treating alopecia, and I do. I have had success in treating three patients with alopecia.  In each case, the treatment I offered was the same. 


The appearance of alopecia is evidence of some major block in the energy network, preventing normal hair growth.  My pulse readings confirmed the presence of a CV/GV block (total depletion in all 12 pulses, meaning Conception and Governor Vessels were being blocked from feeding the meridians).


Treatment was very simple: 

AE drain

CV/GV block

Source points of patient's element (different elements in the three patients)


The hair started to grow back slowly within a few weeks of the treatment, and fully a few months later.  I continued to give further treatment on the patient's element in two cases whilst this was happening, but was unable to see the third patient because she lived too far away.  She told me, however, that her hair grew back without further treatment from me.



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